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J Dilla Estate Reorganized, New Website, Foundation, and Upcoming Projects

by shamz
9 years ago

We have some good news to report from the Dilla camp. Many of you are well aware of the struggle that was going on for a long time over the control of the Dilla estate. For those of you following the situation, we reported a while back that the family of James "J Dilla" Yancey (via their attorney) have gotten a hold of the estate. This solidifies a more fluid way to enhance the legacy of J Dilla and secures a means of future prosperity for his immediate family. From now on all business dealings with the music of James Yancey, Pay Jay Productions inc, and the Estate of James Yancey should be directed to the Estate through the newly launched official J Dilla website, www.j-dilla.com (read the full story there). Separately, the newly established J Dilla Foundation has filed for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit charitable institution to help fund the development of music in the inner city and provide scholarships to students enrolled at schools with progressive music curricula. Many Dilla related announcements are on the way as well via his new website, including: A J Dilla vinyl release with Serato and Stones Throw, and a J Dilla t-shirt with Stussy. Also, make sure you check out the J Dilla biography written by Ronnie Reese, the first bio on Dilla to be officially commissioned and published. Okayplayer is proud to have kept the URL safe from pirates and squatters for the last 4 years and to give it to it's rightful owners, the Yancey family (props to dantana).

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