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Audio: Gordon Voidwell, The Voided Checks Mixtape

by Ginger Lynn
10 years ago

I was first turned on to Gordon Voidwell when a friend hipped me to his myspace page and I listened to “White Friends.” I was an immediate fan. Now Gordon offers up his uniquely electro-fantastic, at times hip-hop-esque, at times more yacht-rockin, space-age dopeness with his new mixtape The Voided Checks Mixtape. Keep your ears open, Voidwell is about to really make some noise. Download link below, and tracklisting after the jump.

Download Gordon Voidwell‘s The Voided Checks Mixtape.

The Voided Checks Mixtape tracklisting:

1. Inside A Void (Intro)

2. Wild Side

3. Foie Gras & Caviar

4. WhiteFriends

5. Ivy League Circus

6. Bread (Version 1)

7. Standard&Poor (Bread v.2)

8. Down With Prince (Interlude)

9. Disco Afternoon

10. Shine

11. Shadow

12. PlanetLove

13. Payback

14. Never Sunny

15. Paradise’s Parody

16. Blue Eyes

17. To Be A Man

18. Love By the Quid

19. Ice Cream (Instrumental)

20. Cloud 9 Vertigo

21. Dressed to Digress (Boy Racist Remix)

22. ShortySaid (Das Racist Remix)

23. I Tried (Instrumental)

24. Sasha Frere

25. Fuck Your Buzz

26. Late Sleep

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