Daru Jones feat. Kissey Asplund - So Good PD EP - Okayplayer

Daru Jones feat. Kissey Asplund - So Good PD EP

by shamz
9 years ago

Giant Step just premiered the latest offering from Brooklyn-based drummer/producer, Daru Jones. The promo EP is entitled So Good and features Swedish soul singer Kissey Asplund holding down the vocals. This is to be part of a monthly series Daru is doing to share what he calls "Rusic" with the world. "My mission was to challenge myself by releasing one RUSIC project per month, to showcase indie artists in coordination with the RUSIC sound. Each project has a different theme in order to showcase my diversity, and convey a message, regardless of the form or genre.” Check out the Giant Step interview with Daru – then download/stream So Good after the jump.

<a href="http://darujones.bandcamp.com/album/daru-jones-feat-kissey-asplund-so-good-pd-ep">Rat Race &quot;Up &amp; Down&quot; by Daru Jones</a>

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