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Danny Brown - The Hybrid [Free LP]

by shamz
9 years ago

Danny Brown‘s mixtape, Detroit State of Mind 4, which dropped last week is still gettin’ maaad burn in my iPod. Never the less, the Detroit emcee dropped his full album, The Hybrid, yesterday on Rappers I Know. If you’re still sleepin’ on dude, it’s time to wake up and give the dude a listen. Production on the album comes from Quelle, Mainframe, Danny! Swain, Chuck Inglish, Frank Dukes, 14KT, and more. You can stream/download the full project after the jump.

1. “Greatest Rapper Ever” produced by Quelle
2. “Need Another Drink” produced by Mainframe
3. “New Era” produced by Nick Speed
4. “Exotic” produced by Danny! Swain
5. “I’m Out” produced by Chuck Inglish
6. “Re-Up” produced by Quelle
7. “Nowhere 2 Go” produced by Denmark Vessey
8. “Shootin’ Moves” produced by Frank Dukes
9. “The Nana Song” produced by Danny! Swain
10. “Guitar Solo” produced by Quelle
11. “White Stripes” produced by Quelle
12. “Juno” produced by Mosel
13. “Thank God” produced by Mosel
14. “Drinks On Me” produced by Quelle
15. “Generation Rx” produced by 14KT
16. “S.O.S.” produced by Slopfunkdust

Cover Artwork by Syntex

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