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Audio: Mos Def "Casa Bey"

by shamz
11 years ago

Time to get Ecstatic again! Another new single off of Mos Def's upcoming album The Ecstatic Casa Bey. Apparently there's been a name change. Here we have the title track from the LP. That groovy uptempo sample you're hearing is Banda Black Rio's "Casa Forte." The story has it that Dante was put onto the song during a recent trip to South America and commissioned DJ Preservation and Dante Smith to chop it up into the beat you're hearing now. Casa Bey will feature guest spots from Talib Kweli and Slick Rick and production from Oh No, Chad Hugo, Madlib, Mr. Flash and the late J Dilla, among others. Casa Bey wil be in stores June 9th. I hope the Mos Def doubters are dwindling at this point.

Update: The label corrected their press release, the album is still called The Ecstatic this is the latest single.

Mos Def "Casa Bey"

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