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Audio: Jay Electronica "Suckas (prod. J Dilla)"

by shamz
10 years ago

Lets start the week off with some new (very old) Jay Electronica. This past weekend a few unreleased joints from Jay Elec hit the net. This one is called "Suckas" and has Jay gettin' busy over a Dilla beat you've probably heard before. It hasn't been confirmed, but it's believed this was recorded in the early 2000's and meant for the LP, War With The Dragon. The homie Sweeney dug up this interview clip that may shed more light, in regards to recording over Dilla's beats: "well they were songs that I recorded before he passed, but we didn’t work on them together. The songs of mine over Dilla beats are from an album I did back then called war with the dragon and we hadn’t had the opportunity to work then."

Jay Electronica "Suckas (prod. J Dilla)"


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