7 Days Of Funk - "Faden Away" [Official Video]

7 Days Of Funk - "Faden Away" [Official Video]


7 Days Of Funk takes fans back to the early days of boogie with the throwback video for “Faden Away” – the lead single from their forthcoming self-titled LP. The footage directed by Hank DeMaio features the dynamic duo rocking vintage fits capped by Snoopzilla‘s larger than life jheri curl wig and a dookie rope chain with an equally massive Mercedes-Benz emblem dangling from it. DāM-FunK brings all of his energy to the small stage as he shovels out the infectious groove. The video for the track – a house party vibe that throws back to Snoop’s 1994 video for “Gin and Juice” – comes ahead of their debut album, which is slated to arrive on December 10th via Stones Throw. Check the footage below to watch the official video for “Faden Away” from 7 Days Of Funk. Pre-order the 7 Days Of Funk LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.

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