15 #DeepThoughtsOfAStoner That You Should Know!

Happy 4/20 Y'all: 15 #DeepThoughtsOfAStoner That You Should Know!

by Kevito
April 20, 2016 1:35 PM

Roll one, light one and pass that to your homie on the left — it is 4/20 which means it is Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one sticky-icky filled joint.

The opinions about marijuana have changed in popular culture and politics, as marijuana sales, dispensaries and legalization have happened across the country. In Colorado alone, where smoking and consuming the leafy plant is legal, cannabis sales have risen about 25 percent to over $5 million a day, up from around $4 million a day, according to BDS Analytics, a cannabis industry data firm.

Everyone with baby lungs may be celebrating the holiday now, but its origins still are a fascinating tale. 420 had become a popular fixture at The Grateful Dead concerts after a group of high school students — referred to as “The Waldos” — in California gained notoriety for meeting at 4:20pm to search for an alleged marijuana grow in the 1970s. A music editor at High Times attended a Grateful Dead concert, noticed the number posted all around the venue, adopted it to the magazine’s cannabis culture focus and the rest, as they say, was history.

With blunts, backwoods, joints and bongs all lit in unison, make sure you have plenty of snacks as we entertain you with these 15 #DeepThoughtsOfAStoner for you to mull over while lifted on the finest kush that you could find.

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