Happy New Year, Y'all! My #2016Faves Tweets From 2016

Happy New Year, Y'all! Here's My #2016Faves Tweets From 2016

Happy New Year, Y'all! Here's Our #2016Faves From 2016

Like most people, when 2016 started I had hopes, dreams and aspirations of greatness and success. While professionally I was blessed to have quite a few hits, personally there were a lot of misses that caused frustration, anger and a bit of PTSD. Social media was my saving grace you could say. Twitter, specifically, was a place where I could retweet thoughts, comments and ideas that I couldn’t say to someone IRL without getting into some kind of argument or debate. It was my safe space where I could champion some of the year’s best movies, music and events with reckless #BlackBoyJoy abandon.

And even though things didn’t go as planned politically, legends who we have known, loved and welcomed into our homes dropped off this earth at a devastating rate and time seemed to rush us all through it — there were still some great tweets and treats in the year that was 2016. From that white-faced black boy from Atlanta becoming a gif signifying the new version of “white tears” to Shirley Caesar‘s gospel-delic sermon being remixed into the turkey jam of the fall quarter – social media use was at its most craziest and creative alongside the insanity of 2016.

So through it all, the good, the bad and the Trump-ly, Twitter, for me, ran the gamut of emotions felt by a people who are being assaulted on many different fronts. In 2016, the social media juggernaut was able to best express mine (and others) thoughts on breaking news, happy moments, sadness and shocking developments. Without ranking in any particular order, here are my 16 #2016Faves Twitter round-up. I hope you all have a very blessed (and safe) happy 2017, and please don’t hesitate to share your favorites, too!

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