Audiovisual: 14 Must-see New Movies About Music Coming In 2014

12.The 78 Project
For the last three years writer Lavinia Jones Wright and director/producer Alex Steyermark have been crisscrossing the North American continent making something special. Taking a page out of music historian Alan Lomax’s book, the two have used a 78 RPM acetate disc recorder to track one-take performances in the homes, churches, barns and fields of America. 78 recordings date back to the 1930s and have preserved timeless performances from the likes of Lead Belly and Muddy Waters. “The equipment itself was sort of the focal point around which these performances would emerge,” Steyermark told Billboard. After releasing multiple webisodes and a limited-edition vinyl of the beautiful, dusty recordings, The 78 Project film is finally a reality. The doc debuted at SXSW to mass acclaim and a wide theatrical release is on its way.

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