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Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year's Best: OKP's Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

8. SBTRKT f. Ezra Koenig – “NEW DORP NEW YORK” [dir. Fons Scheiden]

If Tim Burton got the chance to reconstruct Manhattan, what we see in “New Drop New York” might be the end result. Draped in shadows and smoke, SBTRKT’s visual perfectly captures the menacing tone of its track, plunging us into a dystopian world where city landmarks meet small towns and sea shoes, and nothing feels quite right. Was there a rapture? Where is everyone? As one lone wolf prowls the streets SBTRKT’s music builds in power and complexity, and soon we see that this lone creature might be the hunter of humans in hiding. “NEW DORP NEW YORK” is an exercise in mood and tone–never comfortable, far from obvious and frighteningly great. – Scott Heins

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