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Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year's Best: OKP's Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

14. Raury -“God’s Whisper” [dir. Andrew Donoho]

For many (including myself) the video for “God’s Whisper” provided us with our very first introduction to the genre-smashing ATLien known as Raury. Except, from the onset, you can’t readily identify him as any one of these tikes marauding suburban streets, pulling hard on cigarettes and swigging bottles as they make their way to the forest, etching out their identity as one amongst a mass of like-minded outliers. Identity is key here. Raury’s booming, folky composition embodies the battlecry of what Hunter S. Thompson might have recognized as a bonafide Doomed Generation, lost in the technocracy and void of any semblance of identity. But what else are those formative years for? The video emulates the Lost Boys aesthetic perfectly and embodies those years of unbridled ambition and full-on discovery with a motley crew of young’uns poised to find, maybe not themselves, but at the very least, something worth living for. If nothing else, in another case of music colliding with its times, the image of a slim black youth in long-sleeve tee and floppy sunhat, stepping up wide-eyed to mouth the words spelled out on the screen: “I won’t live a life on my knees”–will be forever burned in our eyeballs. In fact, it’s about as good a takeway from 2014 as you could ask for. -Zo & Eddie STATS

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