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Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year's Best: OKP's Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

9. Chromeo – “Jealous”

A Jewish priest and an Arab usher running a Vegas wedding chapel full of neon and synthesizers–when it comes to imagination, Chromeo has it falling out of their pockets. The Canadian funk duo broke into Top 40 radio with “Jealous” and the track’s video is the most fun YouTube had all year.  As P-Thugg brings couples of all styles (and lifestyles) up to Dave-1‘s altar to be joined in holy matrimony, something strange happens. Dave can’t stop imagining each bride stripped down and dancing just for him. Is he a daydreamer, an undercover playboy or just a heartsick holy man? It doesn’t really matter–the video’s set design is so brilliant, its cinematography so smooth and “Jealous” is so damn good we hardly need a logical explanation. Chromeo’s video is pop in its best form–smart, ironic, flirtatious funky in video form. Damn skippy we’re with it. – Scott Heins

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