10 Things We Learned From Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

10 Non-Spoiler Things We Learned From Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

10 Non-Spoiler Things We've Learned From Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

Photo of Jordan Peele taken by Cullen Tobin for Vanity Fair.

Last night, Feb. 24, yours truly had a group of close friends and family join in to see Jordan Peele‘s Get Out. After seeing the first teaser trailer last year, we were hooked on the idea of seeing a good horror film. For me, I have really fallen off from seeing horror because they were either too gory for my senses or would be too bad to be watched. Either way, Jordan Peele’s Get Out reminded me of my other fave black horror film not named Vampire in Brooklyn—which was Tales From The Hood.

If you haven’t seen it, please take time out of your schedule to do so.

Much like that project, Get Out deals with racism in a thrilling, horrific way. Peele has gone on the record and said that the film was written “from personal experience,” but fell short of calling it an autobiographical experience. With an ultra-rare 100% critics score from Rotten Tomatoes — Get Out stars Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams as an interracial couple visiting the estate of the girl’s parents together for the first time. Upon arriving, Chris Washington (Kaluuya) learns that many of the black faces he comes across harbor a dark and ominous secret.

“I never thought this movie would get made,” Jordan Peele told NBCBLK during a Talk Back with Morehouse Students event. “Honestly! I have been on television for years and I still didn’t feel like this movie was possible.” Littered with iconic ingredients from horror film’s past such as The ShiningHalloweenSilence of the Lambs and even the Stepford Wives — Get Out is another addition of black movies circumventing conventional thought (see: #OscarsSoWhite) to not only dominate the box office, but shifts popular culture.

Produced under the banner of Blumhouse Productions and distributed by Universal PicturesGet Out is expected to garner $28 million in its debut weekend, according to forecast from box office analysts. After seeing it, it should make quite a bit more before we head back to work. And to encourage you all to see it in spades, I have 10 non-spoiler things to share with you that I learned from watching Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Enjoy + beware!

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