Zoe Nash Would “Rather Die” Than Have You Not Watch This Video

Zoe Nash Would “Rather Die” Than Have You Not Watch This Video

Zoe Nash Would “Rather Die” Than Have You Not Watch This Video

Source: Zoe Nash

This 27-year-old Los Angeles native, Zoe Nash, has taken all of her fears, cares and worries and put them on display in this video for “Rather Die”.

Zoe Nash is an odd phenomenon. At only 27, she has had several life changes that pushed her into the life of a musician. Not only did she overcome the death of her grandmother and a bad breakup, she used those elements to fuel her path into the arts. For the next six months, Zoe Nash sharpened her pen game, honed her piano skills, taught herself music production and harness the powerful sweetness of her voice.

“My voice is something I hid for a long time because I was so shy,” she said in a press release. “When I was younger I’d wait until everyone left the house so I could sing and no one would hear me. It really never occurred to me that I could overcome the shyness to the point of actually letting other people hear me.” In fact, it was that growth that propelled the Los Angeles native to do such a wild-and-crazy video for her debut single, “Rather Die”.

Starting off with a live scorpion adorning her body, Zoe Nash’s soulful voice cuts through the rather life-threatening visual. According to the singer-songwriter, “Rather Die” was written at the height of last year’s presidential election season, and is packed with defiant and politically barbed lyrics. “Truth ain’t truth when fear consumes,” she croons on one part of “Rather Die”. Over an arrangement of dense beats, otherworldly melody and sweet harmonies, Zoe Nash would “rather die” than be like you dotards out there, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

“Rather Die” is a first glimpse at what’s to come from this budding force of nature. Inspired by the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Zoe Nash has clearly done her homework before stepping up to the danger zone. Her innate musicality, sonic depth, love of hip-hop and electronic textures and her witty pen game make her a subtle, yet solid new voice in an industry full of rinse-and-repeat performers. “It’s hard in a lot of ways, since I don’t know all of the rules, but that’s what’s fun—if you don’t know the rules, you don’t have to follow them,” Zoe said.

Now that all she’s been through is behind her, we can all enjoy the sounds and visuals of Zoe Nash, as we encourage you to press play on “Rather Die” and follow her on Twitter @ZiggyLula.

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