Watch the Incredible First Trailer for the Definitive Wu-Tang Clan Documentary: ‘Of Mics and Men’

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Watch the First Trailer for Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men
Source: Showtime
Watch the First Trailer for Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men

Source: Showtime

Reunited, double LP, world excited.

On Monday, January 28th, the Sundance Film Festival will premiere the first two parts of the epic four part Wu-Tang Clan documentary Wu-Tang: Of Mics and Men‘s.

The first trailer for the documentary has been released just days before the film makes its premiere.

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Judging from the trailer, the movie will be an expansive, definitive look at one of the greatest hip-hop collectives of all time. In the trailer, we see rare early footage of the group, as well as a shot featuring all the members reunited in an empty theater, reminiscing on their legacy.

The movie was directed by Sacha Jenkins, who directed the amazing Burn Motherf*cker, Burn! documentary.

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In a statement, Showtime’s Vinnie Malholtra said:

The Wu-Tang Clan is a seminal group that deserves a seminal documentary. [Director] Sacha Jenkins delivers just that, not only reminding us of their powerful history through vintage footage, but also placing their impact in modern-day perspective that will be meaningful both to their diehard fans and music fans in general.

The entire documentary will premiere on Showtime in the spring.

Check out the trailer below.

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