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Best Buy Has Officially Stopped Selling CDs

The end of an era

There was once a time where you could walk into a department store, like Best Buy, and see rows and rows of CDs. Over the years, CD sections around the country have become increasingly hallowed out.

Now, with streaming being the way most fans consume music why would anyone buy a CD anymore? (Furthermore, if you did buy a CD, where would you listen to it? Everyday items like cars and computers don’t feature CD drives anymore.)

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So it’s no surprise to see that on July 1st Best Buy officially stopped selling CDs. According to sources that Billboard talked to, the company was only generating about $40 million annually from CDs.

Even though they stopped selling CDs, Best Buy hasn’t given up on all physical music. The company will continue to sell vinyl for at least the next two years, due to a deal it made with vendors.

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Major chain store Target hasn’t yet given up on CDs. (Target will be selling an exclusive version of Nicki Minaj’s new album, Queen.) But how long will that last?

In the meantime, just remember you can get CDs and Vinyl in our shop.

Source: CBS, Billboard


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