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Watch Rakim Rap His Unreleased 1990 Diss Towards Big Daddy Kane

Watch Rakim Rap His Unreleased 1990 Diss Towards Big Daddy Kane

Source: Breakfast Club

Rakim appeared on the Breakfast Club to tell old war stories.

On Tuesday, September 24th,  Rakim published his memoir Sweat the Technique: Revelations on Creativity from the Lyrical Genius. The book details the GOAT’s life and career in rap. To promote the book, Rakim appeared on The Breakfast Club for an extensive interview.

He talked about a number of things, from working with Dr. Dre to his relationship with partner Eric B to and not writing Will Smith’s “Summertime.” (Even though he does admit Will jacked his style on the song.) The most interesting moment of the interview, however, came at the 39:00 minute mark where he talked about his infamous rivalry with Big Daddy Kane.

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During the interview, Rakim talked about the original lyrics he had on “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em.” On that track, Rakim went at Daddy Kane (because of the BDK line: “I see leaders and laugh.”) During the interview Rakim tells the story of recording the song and giving it to Eric B.’s brother, Ant Live, who was also part of Kane’s management. Ant played it for Kane and he called Rakim. Of the phone call, Rakim said:

 [He said], “I don’t got no beef with you. I don’t be writing rhymes about you,” this and that. “People be gassin [this rivalry]. I’m not speaking to you [in my lyrics]…I had to respect that. He called me and spoke to me like a man…so I went back [to the studio] and took it out.

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Amazingly enough, Rakim then spits the line:

 ‘Rippin’ your wrath in half. Who gets the last laugh? Followers become leaders, but without a path. Your mentally paralyzed, crippled your third eye. Rhymes are blurred, then it occurred, That ya heard I…

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He then stopped in his tracks. What could have been…sigh.

Rakim also talked about his relationship with KRS-One, which became fractured after the Bronx rapper didn’t put him on “Self Destruction.”

Check out the interview below.

H/T: Ambrosia For Heads


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