Watch a Trailer for The Highly-Anticipated Grace Jones Documentary

Watch a Trailer for The Highly-Anticipated Grace Jones Documentary

The boundary-pushing musician, model and icon and gets up, close and personal

As she makes way cross the globe with the rest of the Humanz on Gorillaz‘s new album, a long-awaited trailer for a new Grace Jones documentary has finally arrived. And it’s glorious.


The teaser clip for Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami flips between two shots of the iconic performer, one tucked into the back of a car, the other in the green room, but both find Jones prepping for…something. As the camera intimately pans in and out on Jones applying her own makeup, the confidant brood of Jones’ voice quotes Dolores Clairborne, “You have to be a high-flying bitch sometimes,” watching a self-made pioneer self-make herself into something even more entrancing, all while “Pull Up The Bumper” plays throughout.

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The Sophie Fiennes-directed film will make its debut on October 25th in the UK, followed by a Q&A with Jones. You can watch the first clip from Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami above. No US release has been announced yet.

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