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Watch Timothy Bloom’s Powerful Video For “Burden’s Song” [Premiere]

Watch Timothy Bloom’s Powerful Video For “Burden’s Song” [Premiere]

Timothy Bloom, the 2x-Grammy-winner released his latest visual for the single “Burden’s Song.”

Alternative soul singer-songwriter and record producer Timothy Bloom is back with his powerful new statement piece in “Burden’s Song.”

The video shows Bloom trekking across train tracks, with the force of an officer’s hand behind him, as he’s weighed down by ball and chain. Shot in black and white, the visual seems to stand still in time, as the images allude to enduring themes of our societal plights. But Bloom sings through it all.

The 2x-Grammy-winning artist is fully independent, relying on his pen and his purpose to shape his sound and guide his path through the industry.

Bloom shared the inspiration behind the track. “Burden’s Song is a song of hope, love, and freedom. From the ashes all things become new,” he says. “Nina Simone… in an interview spoke to my heart. ‘Artists should write about the times.’ This is my present moment in time. In a world filled with so much violence, greed, hate, oppression, racism not just with others but the racism in our minds, we are all looking for a leader, a vigilante. Someone to save us from ourselves.”

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Burden’s Song” featuring Maurice Brown and Frederic Yonnet is slated to appear on Bloom’s forthcoming album, The Blood Note.

Watch Timothy Bloom’s “Burden’s Song” video below:

Purchase “Burden’s Song” here.


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