Watch Millie Bobby Brown Rap a ‘Stranger Things’ Recap on ‘The Tonight Show’

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Watch Millie Bobby Brown Rap a 'Stranger Things' Recap on 'The Tonight Show'
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A spoiler-free Stranger Things recap, backed, of course, by The Roots

Gotta say, Netflix aligning the return of Stranger Things with pre-Fright Night festivities was an expert move.

Not only did the show provide some much-needed costume inspiration for those still keeping to their trick or treat routes, but for the rest of us, the series provided an outlet for our couch-locked programming. But it’d be impossible/ill-advised to begin anywhere but the beginning.

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With that in mind, Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown, made her return to The Tonight Show, just to bring you back up to speed. Accompanied by The Roots, Brown used more words than her superpowered character did all of last season in rapping a recap of the inaugural run, sparing no detail in an impressive bar-on-bars performance, a follow-up to the time she was tasked with rapping the entirety of Nicki Minaj’s verse from “Monster.”

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You can watch the full clip above. Stranger Things will be around for at least two more seasons following the current one. Which is to say, you can expect Brown to be back with bars come seasons three and four.


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