Watch Episode 1 of The Cool Kids' 'Shit Show' ft. Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator and More

Watch Episode 1 of The Cool Kids' 'Shit Show' ft. Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator and More

Cool Kids season has arrived

Just weeks out from the arrival of their comeback project, Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe, The Cool Kids are back with some ear and eye candy.

WATCH: The Cool Kids Drop A Psychedelic Video For Their New Single “TV Dinner”

Last week they delivered the smooth, two-step-worthy single “9:15,” and this weekend, they doubled-down with a 10-minute short of sketches, studio outtakes and more behind-the-scenes in the first episode of what we’re hoping to be a new series titled The Shit Show. It featured appearances from Chance The Rapper, Twista, A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator and more.

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Watch the first episode of The Shit Show above and hear their new single in the latest installment of The Round-Up below. Hit the link to pre-order your copy of Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe via iTunes and scroll on for the project’s full track list, featuring Syd, QUIN, Jeremiah, Joyce Wrice, Hannibal Buress and more. 


Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe Track List:
1. The Moonlanding (feat. Hannibal Buress)
2. TV Dinner
3. Get Out the Bowl
4. Break Your Legs (feat. Travis Barker & HXLT)
5. 20/20 Vision
6. Checkout
7. On the Set (feat. Boldy James & Smoke DZA)
8. 9:15Pm (feat. Jeremih)
9. Westside Connections (feat. Buddy, Jay Worthy & Warm Brew)
10. The Motion (feat. Ye Ali & Anthony Pavel)
11. T.D.A. (feat. A-Trak, Reese LAFLARE & Larry June)
12. Jean Jacket (feat. Paul Usher & 10ille)
13. Simple Things (feat. Syd & QUIÑ)
14. Symptoms of a Down (feat. Helios Hussain)
15. Gr8Full (feat. Joyce Wrice & Like)
16. Too Smooth

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