Watch As Elders React Hilariously To Drake’s “God’s Plan” Music Video

Watch As Elders React Hilariously To Drake’s “God’s Plan” Music Video

Drake God's Plan Video

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In one of those funny reaction videos, the elder generation believes Drake’s “God’s Plan” video to be one of the most wholesome videos ever.

With 138 million views in only a few weeks, Drake’s “God’s Plan” video has inspired a host of memes, while inspiring people to do more good in the world they live in. There shouldn’t be anyone in the world who hasn’t seen this video of Drake getting his good Samaritan on, but if you want to measure the impact of “God’s Plan” outside of views, this reaction video from FBE will do you justice.

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A host of elder, non-rap fans get together to watch “God’s Plan,” while offering their immediate reactions to what’s being seen. As most couldn’t understand what Drake was saying, they all appreciated the hope that he gave to the community (and to them for humanity’s sake) and loved the real reactions from those surprised or overwhelmed with emotion from Drake’s charitable contributions.

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“It’s [God’s Plan] a good way to talk about God without being overbearing,” one person said. “It gives me hope and should give others hope for this negativity in America to end,” another person mentioned later on in the clip. All in all, the elder community thought this video was righteous without being preachy, and loved Boi-1da’s stellar production.

Without droning on too long, please watch this reactions video below and share your own thoughts with us @Okayplayer on Twitter.

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