Watch DJ Jazzy Jeff Chop Classics on ‘Rhythm Roulette’

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Watch DJ Jazzy Jeff Chop Classics on 'Rhythm Roulette'

A magnificent performance from the Philly legend

Rhythm Roulette has undergone a bit of an overhaul in recent installation. The mighty Gene Brown (sample source to the stars) has been providing a curated batch of acetates to guide the blind selections of producers (right out of the van.)

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On the latest episode of the series, Brown parks the van at the foot of DJ Jazzy Jeff‘s home studio, inviting the Philly fellow to pick a trio of marginally random records for his use on the program. With albums from Al Johnson, Reuben Howell and Les Dudek under his arm, Jeff takes to the dungeon and only resurfaces once a pair of chopped-to-perfection beat suites have manifested. And, of course, he shows you just how he did it (courtesy of Serato.)

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Watch DJ Jazzy Jeff take Rhythm Roulette for a spin up above and scroll on for his upcoming tour dates.

Tour Dates:
Aug 25 @ Park Olge Ban – Poreč, Croatia
Sep 08 @ Tipitinas – New Orleans, LA
Sep 10 @ REHAB BEACH CLUB – Las Vegas, NV
Sep 22 @ Necto Nightclub – Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 06 @ Dusk Music Festival – Tucson, AZ
Nov 04 @ Secret East London Location – London, United Kingdom

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