Watch Danny Brown Play a Weightloss Doctor on 'Detroiters'

Watch Danny Brown Play a Weightloss Doctor on 'Detroiters'

Watch Danny Brown Play a Weight-loss Doctor on 'Detroiters'

Source: Comedy Central

Paging Dr. Mayflower

Danny Brown‘s on-screen stock continues to rise. The acid-tongued rapper graced the small screen with a short and hilarious cameo on this week’s episode of Detroiters.

Portraying the founder of a “medicinal weightloss” clinic, Brown dons the white coat and feathered Flock of Seagulls do as Dr. Mayflower, a former client of Cramblin Duvet. After the fellas are made painfully aware of yet another account lost to a big name ad agency, they pay Mayflower a visit, only to learn that they’ve butchered their opportunity to regain the representation of the doctor and his thinning patients.

If you couldn’t get enough of Danny Brown, actor extraordinaire, you’ll soon have another chance to see him on a much larger screen. He’ll star alongside Matthew McConaughey and YG in the upcoming drug world drama, White Boy Rick.

Watch Danny Brown in a clip from Detroiters below and head over to Comedy Central for the full episode. Scroll on for an exhilarating first look at White Boy Rick.

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