The Best Music Moments From Super Bowl LV: The Weeknd, Jazmine Sullivan & More

The Weeknd’s halftime performance which consisted of his biggest hits throughout his career declared the singer as one of the definitive pop stars of the streaming era.

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why this year’s Super Bowl was an in-person event in Tampa, Florida. Once you get past that strange revelation you might find joy in the live performances from three of the industry’s shining stars: The Weeknd, Jazmine Sullivan, and H.E.R. Each of these artists gave the Super Bowl a much-needed splash of coolness that it was lacking in recent years. 

Below we’re sharing what made these performances great. Keep scrolling to check out the best musical moments of Super Bowl LV featuring the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church Sing the National Anthem

Ahead of Super Bowl LV R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan appeared alongside country singer Eric Church, the two shared a glorious moment as they teamed up and sang the national anthem. 

Jazmine, fresh off of the release of her acclaimed EP Heaux Tales wore a white Area pantsuit and diamond-encrusted headpiece. She managed to garner more attention than Church due to her moving voice. In total, they both nailed it. 

H.E.R. Gives “America The Beautiful” a Modern Update

“America The Beautiful” was given a modern R&B twist courtesy of singer and guitarist H.E.R. For her rendition of the American classic she stuck to her guns and displayed her soft vocals. Her guitar solo was also a fitting addition to her performance. The singer-songwriter donned sparkling denim pants and a leather jacket designed with graffiti. 

The Weekend Proves He’s the World’s Biggest Pop Star

For his halftime performance, The Weeknd proved that he is the biggest pop star to emerge in the past ten years. Stans who’ve been riding for him since his mixtape days were probably pleased to see he didn’t just stick to his After Hours era. He donned a glitzy red blazer, black suit pants, black leather gloves, and his fro. 

During his lively set, he was backed by a massive choir that sang, played violins, and added to the overall feel of his 14-minute performance. He began with “Starboy” which led to singles like “Can’t Feel My Face.” When he swiftly transitioned into “Can’t Feel My Face” he appeared in a room with a large amount of Vegas-inspired lights and was joined by clones who had plastic surgery-inspired face masks. 

What came next was his single “I Feel It Coming,” which was followed by the emotional track “Save Your Tears.” This rendition of the After Hours track was accompanied by fireworks. Then he transitioned to “Earned It” as the choir assisted with their backup vocals and violins. 

“The Hills / House of Balloons” was served up directly after “Earned It.” What appeared to be nearly 100 clones of The Weeknd appeared on the field and he quickly ran to join them. This was all ahead of his closing song, his 2020 No. 1 single “Blinding Lights.” This was the ultimate moment as he truly shined even as he stood amid all of the clones in strange face bandages and matching red blazers.

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