Vince Staples Checks Russell Crowe & Others About Azealia Banks Spitting Incident

Vince Staples Checks Russell Crowe & Others About Azealia Banks Spitting Incident

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Continuing to challenge the powers-that-be, Vince Staples raises some poignant questions about the 2016 incident between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe.

In a time where movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp and #BlackLivesMatter dominate headlines and timelines around the globe, there is one incident that has managed to still perplex those who were in the know. The 2016 spitting incident between Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks left the musician in the dark after her detailed claims of assault by the award-winning actor were ignored and masked by her social media reputation.

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Enter: Vince Staples. The Long Beach MC added fuel to the fire in a very poignant session on his Twitter where he raised questions about the still troubling incident. For context, Banks accompanied RZA to a dinner hosted by Crowe in October 2016. Crowe and Banks exchanged words after a debate went left, with Banks claiming Crowe used the N-word and spit on her as she was carried out of the event. RZA would later admit that Crowe put his hands on the rapper and spit on her, but the news cycle and the larger activist community didn’t act upon it at all.

So when Staples took to Twitter to comment on the “cultural appropriation” debate involving Bruno Mars — he used the opportunity to question why we haven’t held Russell Crowe accountable for his actions.

“I wonder when ya’ll gonna make a YouTube about Russell Crowe from the Gladiator spitting at Azealia Banks?,” he tweeted. “If Tyler Perry spit at Taylor Swift it would be no more [Madea] movies.”

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Banks also took to social media (Instagram) to share her thoughts on what was said by Vince Staples while comparing the reaction she received initially to the non-reaction given to Crowe or RZA for exposing her medical history.

SOURCE: Billboard

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