Watch Tyler, The Creator Discuss Drum Breaks, Sampling & More With Nardwuar

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Tyler and Nardwuar meet up for a third time.

Tyler, the Creator and Nardwuar have linked up for yet another interview (their third one to be exact) and in this one the pair talk about everything from drum breaks and sampling to states that have good record stores.

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The topic of drum breaks come up when Nardwuar hands Tyler Bad Bascomb’s Black Grass Music record, which he sampled for his Igor song “What’s Good.”

“What made you choose them for Igor?” Nardwuar asks Tyler.

“Just that drum break. I just wanted to dance. If you see the live show I dance crazy when that song comes on so that’s what made me pick it. The groove is just tempo,” he replies.

From there, Nardwuar then gifts Tyler a record of The Winstons’ “Amen, Brother,” which he sampled for his song “Pigs” from his 2013 album Wolf.

“It’s a good ass break,” Tyler says of the song’s drum break before adding, “I wanted to make some Portishead-type shit so it fit perfect.”

Nardwuar then asks Tyler where he gets his samples from, to which he responds: “I just lurk music a lot. I wake up every morning and spend two hours listening to music I’ve never heard before.”

Elsewhere, Tyler also talks about how Minnesota has good record stores, UK music from the ’80s and more.

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