okay acoustic: Watch a Lively Trevor Jackson Perform ‘Rough Draft 2’ Standouts

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Treavor Jackson okay acoustic
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Trevor Jackson stopped by the Okay Space to bless us with a few grooves. Watch as he performs “Warning,” “Puddles” and “Boys Need Love 2.”

Last month, Trevor Jackson — a man of many talents — released Rough Draft 2, his stellar follow up to the album he dropped last year. Around the time of the album’s release, Jackson pulled up to the Okay Space in Brooklyn. 

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While here, he did a super lively okay acoustic where he performed “Warning” and “Puddles” — two songs on RD2 — and “Boys Need Love 2.” He also found time to have some fun, doing a mini improv performance.

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During the perfromance he also about the making of RD2, saying:

I recorded the first Rough Drafts in my living room, and also recorded part two in my living room…it’s great to have it there because I can be asleep and hear melody and wake up and record it. Or something can happen to me…like a girl probably stormed out of my house and I’m [like] “damn, shoot, let me go and write a song.”

The best art comes from lived experience. Watch Trevor Jackson’s okay acoustic performance below.

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