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Tory Lanez Reflects on Immigration, Politics, & More in “Free 21 Freestyle”

Tory Lanez Reflects on Immigration, Politics, & More in “Free 21 Freestyle”


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“Look at what happened to 21 Savage; I’m knowing that shit could’ve happened to me.”

Shortly before news broke on Tuesday that 21 Savage would be released from ICE detention on bond, Tory Lanez released”Free 21 Freestyle.”

On the new track, the Canadian rapper talks 21, immigration, politics, personal reflections and more. Lanez sheds light on the injustices surrounding the U.K.-born, Atlanta-based rapper’s arrest over the instrumental to “a lot,” a single from 21 Savage’s latest album I Am > I Was featuring J. Cole.

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Here are some of the notable lines from Lanez’ freestyle:

All of my niggas indigenous Nigga / take a second, please consider this.

Look how they did our nigga from Atlanta for not bein’ born in Atlanta / The government so underhanded / They handed that shit off to someone who basically scammin’.

Look at what happened to 21 Savage, I’m knowin’ that shit could’ve happened to me /
How they gon’ cut our nigga from the country for simply rappin’ on beats.

Let’s keep it real, we ain’t finna lie, I think everybody laughed at the memes / And then I realized that that shit is mean / You can’t be jokin’ ’bout somebody’s freedom

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Listen to the “Free 21 Freestyle” below.


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