The Pollyseeds + Chachi Floss That West Coast Style In New “Intentions” Video

The Pollyseeds + Chachi Floss That West Coast Style In New “Intentions” Video

by Kevito
July 24, 2017 2:38 PM

The Pollyseeds + Chachi Floss That West Coast Style In New “Intentions” Video

Source: The Pollyseeds

Trusted sound curator, Terrace Martin, places the spotlight on his crew of cool characters, The Pollyseeds, and the West West in new “Intentions” video.

Still unfamiliar with the name of Terrace Martin? Well, shame on you. The Grammy Award winning producer and multi-instrumentalist has earned his stripes as a creative and a purveyor of new talent. From shining the light on names such as Ty Dolla $ign, Problem (now known as Chachi), Kendrick Lamar and Rose Gold — this Locke High graduate excels at sharing what’s next in music before anyone else.

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So, to put his skills to the test and to offer his best and brightest a sure shot at getting their ideas out, Terrace created a home for the type of texture we’ve come to know and love from the musical prodigy. Enter: Sounds of Crenshaw — a label and the name of his first volumed project which features many of the music industry’s most talented names. Released two weeks ago through his label and Ropeadope, Sounds Of Crenshaw, Vol. 1 marked the debut of his most recent collaborative effort, The Pollyseeds.

Featuring Terrace Martin, the aforementioned Rose Gold and Chachi and singer Wyann Vaughn — The Pollyseeds’ first video from the album’s lead single, “Intentions,” finds everyone cooling out at a graduation party. Shot and directed by The ViLLAGE and illCamille, the “Intentions” video is a good time full of vibes, naturalistas, dominoes and real ones, serving as a solo feature for Chachi and Rose Gold. Their chemistry on the track is apparent and made “Intentions” the right choice for a lead single. With three different set pieces (a backyard, living room and a bedroom) — the groove is G-funk inspired with tons of color and style.

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Without giving too much away, you can watch the video yourself below + get a feel for this summertime, cool-out cut.

Sounds Of Crenshaw, Vol. 1 is out now. Please drop your coins + support by clicking here.

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