The Lox Wanted to Bring Out Mase to Troll Dipset During Their ‘Verzuz’ Match Up

Sheek Louch went on Sway In the Morning to talk about The Lox dominating Dipset during their Verzuz match-up..

It’s been more than 24 hours since Jadakiss and The Lox’s dominating performance against Dipset on Verzuz. And the Yonkers group are still enjoying their victory trot. On Wednesday, Sheek Louch called into Sway In the Morning to talk about the group’s big W. 

And Sheek wasn’t biting his tongue. The rapper admitted that they prepared extensively for the matchup, which explains how in-sync they were.

“We rehearsed like crazy. We [would] do a song, he would throw one of [Dipset’s] shits on just to get us … in war mode,” Sheek said.

While keeping it respectful, Sheek was open about The Lox wanting to crush Dipset — which they did. Part of their strategy was performing freestyles from over a decade ago. According to Sheek, their frenemy Puff Daddy — who goes by Love now — was the one who told the group to use some of their classic freestyles. 

“Yo honestly Puff called us like, ‘Yo, dog. Do these freestyles,’” Sheek said. “Puff called us the day of and was like ‘Y’all come from an era when y’all freestyles are bigger than some of the songs they got.’”

In a later part of the interview, Sheek revealed something else interesting: the fact that the Yonkers group wanted to bring out Diddy and Mase but decided not to at the last minute. 

“We were going to bring Puff to do ‘The Benjamins,’ and then we were going to bring [out] Mase for ‘Niggas Done Started Something,’ because we know he don’t fuck with them,” Sheek said.

The hot and cold relationship between Dipset and Mase is well known and it’s unclear how the Harlem crew would have reacted. 

Sheek also had some theories on why Dipset didn’t perform that well: his insight is that they aren’t really a group, more of a collective of solo rappers. And the fact that they use different DJs, compared to the Lox who were using one, DJ Technician. 

Check out the entire interview below.

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