Terence Nance Announces Debut Album As Terence Etc.

V O R T E X is a new debut album from Terence Etc. and Brainfeeder coming this August. Check out the psychedelic new single, “In Contemplation of Clair’s Scent.”

Brainfeeder has announced the debut album from Terence Nance, who will be going as Terence Etc. The album, titled V O R T E X, drops on August 19. Terence also just released the single “In Contemplation of Clair’s Scent.”

V O R T E X is a sonic tool that I made so that I can play it for myself and balance my energy between masculine and feminine,” Terence said in a press release, “creative and destructive; domination and submission; right and left; sun and moon; day and night: opposing energies generally.”

Faithful to Flying Lotus’ carefully handpicked label, Terence’s single is a fluid and flowing, multi-instrumental, psychedelic trip. If you were to slice the almost 10 minute track into random segments, many of them would be almost incomprehensible as belonging to the same song. Yet, laid out together, the rapid wood on wood drums that start the track reminiscent of Lotus’ own Yasuke, interweave seamlessly with Terence’s soulful croon, underpinned by the whiplash pluck of bass strings.

The changing soundscape doesn’t feel so much steered with intention by the Dallas artist as it feels fed and molded by his organic, mutual relationship with the swirling emotional feedback of its own creation. Terence’s serenade is omnidirectional. It could be a love song for an unspecified partner, but it could just as easily be an exercise in finding duality within self.

“The album intends to use sound, melody, song, incantation, etc. to rebalance the self and each other throughout the constant circular movement of life,” Terence said.

Here is the full tracklist:

1. “V O R T E X”
2. “Terence’s — Love”
3. “In Contemplation of Clair’s Scent”
4. “Stay”
5. “Infinince or Infinity?”
6. “Dragon”
7. “I Miss Things I Never Had”
8. “Sanity Envy”
9. “A Moment of Disguise”
10. “The Merchant of Flatbush”
11. “(S)he Forgets”

V O R T E X is Terence Etc.’s first musical foray with Brainfeeder, but Terence Nance already has a substantial history in film. He wrote, directed, scored and starred in the 2012 entry to the Sundance Film Festival, “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty,” and is currently at work on the second season of the hit HBO series, “Random Acts of Flyness.” The latter is set to return to HBO in late 2022 or early 2023.

Brandon Hill

Brandon is a young writer from Illinois. His love of storytelling draws him to hip hop and journalism.

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