Tank and the Bangas Ready Their Debut Album With “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” Single

Tank and the Bangas Ready Their Debut Album With “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” Single

Tank and the Bangas Ready Their Debut Album With “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” Single

Photo Credit: Gus Bennett

New Orleans’ own Tank and the Bangas have taken over the country with their stellar performances, and now ready their debut album with a new single.

After touring the U.S. and building up their international reputation, Tank and the Bangas are ready to show everyone what they’ve been up to. The New Orleans group, which was originally discovered through NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest, have secured a record deal with Verve Forecast, and now are presenting their first single for the label, “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.”

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A humorous-and-emotionally-filled track, “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” finds Tank and the Bangas infusing their brand of rhythm-and-blues in a way that only they can. Lead singer-songwriter Tarriona “Tank” Ball’s voice still resonates and hits all the right emotional beats, while Merell Burkett (keyboards), Joshua Johnson (drums), Albert Allenback (alto saxophone) and Norman Spence (synth, bass) deliver a masterful soundbed for her to bounce on.

“Nowadays, honestly you don’t show up / You’re only consistent with being inconsistent / Grow up,” Tank sings in one heartfelt plea. Tank then repeats the song’s title in the chorus, singing, “Smoke netflix chill, Smoke netflix chill, Smoke netflix chill, Just be honest.”

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In speaking with NPR, Tank broke down just how the song came about and what inspired her, saying, “I wanted to tell this story from a girl’s perspective — a girl that actually wants to chill, instead of the guy pushing for it. I’ve never written so many verses to one song! But it was so worth it to see the story in my head actually come to life. With fresh cuts from the one-and-only DJ RQ Away, “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” sounds smoother than a hoodie with a silk bonnet in it (word to Smino) and more melodic than a Siren with a record deal. “‘Smoke.Netflix.Chill.’ created a feel that set the tone for true down-to-Mars magic! I went to a time when girls were confident if they were into you and it didn’t take away from their fly. We took it back.”

Press play on “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” below, keep an eye out for more news on their debut album, and as always, let us know your thoughts on Twitter @Okayplayer.


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