Watch SZA’s Apple Music Exclusive Video For “Broken Clocks”

Watch SZA’s Apple Music Exclusive Video For “Broken Clocks”

SZA Kendrick Lamar

Artwork courtesy of TDE x RCA Records

SZA directs this brand new video for “Broken Clocks” with Dave Free of the little homies, and flips our heads with an imaginative trip to those summer camp days.

SZA’s “Broken Clocks” is one of my personal, absolute favorite songs from her Grammy nominated (should’ve won!) effort, Ctrl, and I was always hoping that it would get the visual treatment. Thank Hanuman that my prayers were answered as SZA took to her Instagram page to announce that she would be releasing the brand new video for “Broken Clocks” exclusively to Apple Music after midnight.

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But unfortunately, we might not be receiving the right video as promised.

In the version of the video on Apple Music now, which is directed by her and Dave Free of the little homies, we follow SZA and her friends enjoying life as carefree kids at “Camp Ctrl”. It has everything: roasting marshmallows by the fire, playing games and building trinkets with your friends, and jumping into the lake with reckless abandon. Without giving too much away, let’s just say “Broken Clocks” makes you nostalgic for those younger, more whimsical days.

But in a tweet from SZA posted at 12:40 a.m. on March 30, it seems that this version is incorrect.

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For now, much like the A Tribe Called Quest video for “The Space Program,” which also debuted today, “Broken Clocks” is an Apple Music exclusive, so no embed available right now, and the jury is out on if we’re going to get two-for-one videos tonight. But if you’re a subscriber to the service you can check out the video using this link. And if not, well, don’t worry, we’ll try and make it possible for you to see some version of “Broken Clocks” soon enough.

UPDATE: Video is now available. See it in full for yourself below (if you haven’t already):

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