Steve Lacy Talks Internet Album, Ravyn Lenae & Syd In New Interview

Steve Lacy Talks Internet Album, Ravyn Lanae & Syd In New Interview

Steve Lacy Talks Internet Album, Ravyn Lanae & Syd In New Interview

Source: Kevin Winter

The guitarist with a huge imagination, Steve Lacy, had a great 2017, and in this new interview shares just what’s up with him and his Internet crew for 2018.

Steve Lacy’s Demo is still getting some airplay in the office from time to time, as Steve Lacy has had such an impactful 2017. From his contributions to Flower Boy by Tyler, The Creator to working with R&B next big thing, Ravyn Lenae — Lacy’s sit down with Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1 dug into a lot of tasty treats.

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“I think we’re about to get back in soon,” Steve said about The Internet regrouping to begin work another project. “I feel like after this one last weekly run it’ll be at 95%. It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s so many things. And really I’m just thinking about the change component. Because I know off Ego Death to where I am now it’s been a dramatic shift. It’s not the same as it was when that came out. I feel like this is on a higher echelon than Ego Death. I love Ego Death, that was a great record, but I know this one is a step up.”

Stepping out into the spotlight with his own project has enabled the singer-songwriter-guitarist to do more on the next album. “I’m singing on the album a bit more with Syd,” he said. “I sing on a hook with her. Dang, I feel like I ruined the surprise now…” Too bad Internet fans, but the real surprise will be in hearing how it sounds when it comes out.

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Elsewhere in the chat, Steve talked about producing Ravyn Lenae’s new album. “I do everything production wise and she comes in […] It was dope because she’s so young and she’s not locked into a certain style or vocal range so anything I’d give her she’s like ‘I got you.’ It’s also a different producer side of me. It’s entirely produced by me, the first thing that I’m entirely producing. When I got the opportunity I looked at it as like—Yes, this is my Pharrell / Kelis, my Timbaland / Aaliyah, my J*Davey moment. I had to take it.”

You can listen to the full interview here and hear the first single from that Ravyn Lenae project below.

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