Stream Stam Goody's Debut EP 'Defining Moments'

Stream Stam Goody's Debut EP 'Defining Moments'

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Listen to Stam Goody’s debut EP

Camden, New Jersey rapper Stam Goody has released his debut EP, Defining Moments.

The seven-track EP, which features singles like “Clutch” and “Patience,” sees the rapper touch on a diverse number of topics, from race relations to personal family issues.  

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After the EP was released, Stam wrote a touching message on his Instagram account talking about his journey.

With the way music is consumed today, I’m sure it can seem like an easy feat to accomplish. Just get a program, a mic from guitar center, a used laptop, make some shit & upload it. Sounds easy enough. We live in the age of music independence, of creative freedom, of artistic choice. Now more than ever, you have total control over your content and art. I mean, with all that we face on a daily basis in this world, just living, why put so much thought into expression? “Just put something out” is what you hear everyday.

My journey, hasn’t been one of 100 soundcloud links. To each his own, I respect the hustle. But for me, for GVC, music is the foundation, the language we speak, the story we tell. Which leads to the visual pieces, the artwork, videos, photos, typography, and even your style of dress. What you’re communicating should be YOU, thru and thru. It’s not an Image, it’s your truth. If your brand is built on Purpose, every choice, decision, and discussion becomes easier. Even in business. It will direct you towards the paths that suit you, even if they are the harder paths to take. Purpose builds that thing that lives beyond your physical form. Lives forever, in generations to come. That’s Legacy. And each piece of art or content, needs to be aligned with that purpose, because it will, be a part of your Legacy. Each time, Make it a Defining Moment.

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Stream Stam Goody’s Defining Moments EP below,

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