Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need To Know – October 2017

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A sensual survey of the sounds, sights and feels of the month

Closing out on the month, we’re opening our eyes, ears and hearts to the warmth of another haul of magnetic new artists that simply won October.

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There was dissonant r&b from Somewhere Else, endless dance floor fodder a la Davie, icy trap-laced doom and gloom per DMV dagger Jay IDK, heavy-swinging new-aged Spaghetti Western scores via Bay Area bruiser Antwon, swoon-worthy psychedelia from Stones Throw’s Jonti, as well as a surplus of sensual new sounds from Maitri, Snoh Aalegra and other artists from all pockets of the musical and terrestrial map.

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Naturally, we’ve gathered them into one space, to engage your most visceral receptors. Namely, your preferred beverage, meal and weed strain.

See, hear and feel them all in this month’s installment of Sound Sense below.


Sounds Like: The illegitimate child of N.E.R.D. and Kamasi Washington
Feels Like: A tour of Saturn from one of its rings.
Tastes Like: The first bite of a licorice stick


Sounds Like: Half Metro-produced C U L T U R E outtake, half mid-2000s grit and gloom special.
Feels Like: Narrowly escaping a bank robbery.
Tastes Like: A loosely-rolled vanilla Backwoods


Sounds Like: Ennio Morricone meets Mr. Fingers with a touch of Dilla headiness.
Feels Like: The the final scene in of a new-aged Spaghetti Western
Tastes Like: Your preferred vice.


Sounds Like: Sgt. Peppers at a quaalude crawl.
Feels Like: A weird night with your dad and the records he collected during his “hip” period in seventies-aughts Haight-Ashbury.
Tastes Like: The back of your hand, man.

Somewhere Else

Sounds Like: Part James Blake at his most mid-nineties r&b moment, part Chicago house redux.
Feels Like: The morning after a night of really problematic judgment calls, and rolling that into another night of really problematic judgment calls
Tastes Like: The bliss of delayed reckoning.


Sounds Like: Stray Missy era gem Timbo found on an old hard drive.
Feels Like: A Top-down late-night cruise, L in hand.
Tastes Like: Cold sprite with a blue jolly rancher.


Sounds Like: Infectious electric pop with a glimmering post-disco finish.
Feels Like: A breezy two-step.
Tastes Like: Poolside banana daiquiris.


Sounds Like: A laidback existentialist waxing poetic over a Bill Withers instrumental.
Feels Like: Watching Bob Ross on a faux sheepskin rug after eating a special brownie.
Tastes Like: Hennessey, cranberry and pineapple juice.

Ivan Ave

Sounds Like: Bright experimental beat scene flourishes with off-kilter .Paak-ish melodics.
Feels Like: Sunset over Funkmosphere.
Tastes Like: Kush and caramel ice cream.

Snoh Aalegra

Sounds Like: 2017’s very necessary “Man in The Mirror.”
Feels Like: Every warmly introspective moment after midnight.
Tastes Like: Sweet fucking clarity.


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