Santigold Cancels North American Leg of ‘The Holified Tour’

Alternative artist Santigold has cancelled her North American tour, citing inflation and music industry expenses.

Santigold is putting her mental wellness first. On Monday (September 26), the Spirituals singer-songwriter published a statement about canceling the North American leg of The Holified Tour, citing the COVID-19 pandemic impacting in-person events. Santigold, whose real name is Santi White, also mentioned that her decision was based upon inflation and economic tolls that have affected artists and fans alike.

“As a touring musician, I don’t think anyone anticipated the new reality that awaited us,” she wrote. “After sitting idle (not being able to do shows) for the past couple years, many of us like everyone else, earning no or little income during that time, every musician that could, rushed back out immediately when it was deemed safe to do shows. We were met with the height of inflation—gas, tour buses, hotels, and flight costs skyrocketed—many of our tried-and-true venues unavailable due to a flooded market of artists trying to book shows in the same cities, and positive test results constantly halting schedules with devastating financial consequences.”

Santigold assured fans that their tickets will be refunded. Those who purchased a ticket can email proof of purchase to, receiving VIP membership will early access to early releases, special merchandise and more. The artist recently spoke with Okayplayer about continuing to work on other projects besides music.

“Just being able to have a space where you are directly in touch with your fans and if it cuts out the middle person, I think that’s a great idea,” she said. “That is not my goal for the future, though. I don’t want to become this ultra-marketer of everything. I want to create things and not just music.”

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