Saint Cassius Has Words For Kanye On New Cut “Letter to Ye’” [Premiere]

Saint Cassius Has Words For Kanye On New Cut “Letter to Ye’” [Premiere]

The Bronx’s Own Saint Cassius Has Word For Kanye On New Cut “Letter to Ye’” [Premiere]

Source: Saint Cassius

Saint Cassius of Vinyl Crown has been behind the scenes for a minute, but his record “Letter to Ye’” promises to give you something to talk about this week.

Kontroversy Kanye, better known around the galaxy as Kanye West, has stirred up a whole heap of mess for the past three months. His remarks about slavery, Donald Trump, and creativity caused people to question his mental health and sanity. While his musical efforts with Kid Cudi, Pusha T, and Nas (this upcoming Friday) have made him untouchable in the minds and hearts of his truly devout worshippers. For Saint Cassius, a Bronx MC and songwriter, he has been down with Yeezus through it all, but a new song finds him pulling the Louis Vuitton Don’s coattails a bit to put him onto game.

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The song, “Letter to Ye’,” is a real dope record, originally unreleased, but fortunate enough to make its world premiere here at Okayplayer. Respectfully taking the Chicago hitmaker to task for his recent transgressions, Saint Cassius lets him know that the “new Kanye” forgot about his old life and the disconnect his apparent. “All that new shit you’ve been spewing, I ain’t into that,” he raps while questioning if Ye’s actions were for the “greater good” or “just for a check”. Wise questions to ask, especially when, according to Saint Cassius, “the old Kanye would’ve at least addressed the gun control.”

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Despite Kanye’s “progression,” “Letter to Ye’” is not a diss song. And it is a perfect addition to the archive chronicling the G.O.O.D. Music architect’s journey as an influence on his progeny. Saint Cassius, shaped not only by Yeezy, but his unique musical point of view from his time in New York and Atlanta, Georgia, has a natural affinity for melody, songwriting, and lyricism. Future contributions from this budding talent should find a home here at Okayplayer.

Peep Saint Cassius and his fresh perspective to Kanye West’s current situation by pressing play on “Letter to Ye’” below, and keep ears out on his debut project ANALOG, which is led by production from the legendary beatsmith DJ Toomp.

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