Listen to Saba Remix Jamila Woods' “Emerald Street"

Listen to Saba Remix Jamila Woods' “Emerald Street"

Saba remixes Jamila Woods' "Emerald Street"

Source: Jamila Woods

Chicago rapper Saba was one of the many MCs to appear on Jamila Woods stunning debut album HEAVN.

The rapper Saba joins Jamila Woods as he spits a dexterous verse on “Emerald Street,” one of the standouts from the 2016 album. The song was so good… why not give it another crack?

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Saba has decided to return to the track. Not only does Saba rap a new verse, he also flips the production on the song, making the track a bit more upbeat and fidgety.

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After an eventful 2016, Saba is coming back strong. Earlier this month he released the heartfelt “There You Go.”

Listen to the “Emerald Street” Remix below.

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