West Coast Get Down’s Ryan Porter Drops ‘The Optimist’ Cut “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” [Premiere]

West Coast Get Down’s Ryan Porter Drops ‘The Optimist’ Cut “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” [Premiere]

West Coast Get Down’s Ryan Porter Drops ‘The Optimist’ Cut “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” [Premiere]

Source: Ryan Porter

Trombonist Ryan Porter shouts out all the people who bridge hip-hop with jazz on his second single, “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” from The Optimist.

Ryan Porter and his legendary trombone has made the West Coast proud, as well as the music game as a whole. Alongside his West Coast Get Down collective, Ryan has ushered in an instrumental bridge between hip-hop and jazz, as well as a body of work that celebrates the Los Angeles music scene.

With that in mind, Ryan Porter is set to release his 2CD / 3LP set The Optimist via World Galaxy. Recorded at Kamasi Washington’s parent’s house between 2008 and 2009, The Optimist captured lightning inside a small tiny basement area called “The Shack”. Keep in mind that this was before The Epic was a critically acclaimed darling and to celebrate that moment in time, Ryan Porter chose Okayplayer to premiere his song, “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” before the project’s release.

“‘The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa’ is a shout out to all of the people who’ve contributed their sound to bridge the gap between the hip-hop and jazz musicians of our generation,” Ryan Porter told OKP exclusively. ‘The Optimist’ album shows the versatility of the jazz musicians of our generation who have made their contributions to both artforms. From the influence of Snoop Dogg to Wynton Marsalis and Kendrick Lamar to Herbie Hancock, this album brings jazz to a younger audience.”

Everyone featured on The Optimist were close to Ryan Porter and an ambassador of the culture in jazz and hip-hop. As he spread his craft to the masses, Ryan Porter has shown that he has not only the greatness within himself, but the sonic memory to chronicle one of the most pivotal transitions in U.S. history. The Optimist represented the incubation period that would eventually give birth to projects such as The Epic, To Pimp A Butterfly and Push The Sky Away.

If you love passionate prose with fiery melodies and bar-raising energies then The Optimist and “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” are right up your alley.

Play “The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa” below, circle the date Feb. 23, 2018 for when The Optimist hits all digital platforms, pre-order it here or here and give it up to one of L.A.’s most revered jazz musicians in the game.

The Optimist Track Listing

1. The Psalmnist
2. Obamanomics
3. Strugglesville
4. The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa
5. Deja Vu
6. Night Court In Compton
7. K-Wash
8. Anaya
9. Little Sunflower
10. Impressions
11. Chocolate Nuisance

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