R+R=Now Inches Closer To ‘Collagically Speaking’ Release With “Resting Warrior” Cut

R+R=Now Inches Closer To ‘Collagically Speaking’ Release With “Resting Warrior” Cut

R+R=Now Inch Closer To ‘Collagically Speaking’ Release With “Resting Warrior” Cut

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R+R=Now’s “Resting Warrior” fluidly showcase why their upcoming album, Collagically Speaking, is worth adding to your collection on June 15.

By this time, you should be familiar with R+R=NOW, the genre-bending, melody-shifting supergroup featuring players behind most of the grandiose projects of the last 10 years. After letting loose “Colors In The Dark” last week, R+R=NOW follow it up with “Resting Warrior,” a bouncy, frenetic piece of work led by Justin Tyson’s drums setting the pace.

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With Glasper’s keys and Christian Scott’s trumpet taking listeners on a journey through sound, “Resting Warrior” is evidence that R+R=NOW is not just some fly-by-night group looking to “jam”. These players have something to say and it is rooted in their DNA, just like it is in other works by similar artists such as Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, and Gil-Scott Heron.

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Coming at a moment when executives, artists, critical thinkers, and everyday Joe’s are being exposed for the horrors they carry in their closet, “Resting Warrior” and Collagically Speaking are just the bright lights needed to rid the room of such evils and provide a healthy dosage of love and hope when we need it most. “An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times,” Glasper said in a press release a while back. “When you reflect on what’s going on in your time and respond to that, you can’t not be relevant. So ‘R’ plus ‘R’ equals ‘NOW’.”

Don’t be late for the train, as Collagically Speaking will be everywhere come June 15. Press play on “Resting Warrior” and peep the supergroup’s upcoming tour dates underneath.

June 15 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
June 16 – DC Jazz Fest – Washington DC
June 22 – Celebrate Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
June 28 – Leopolis Jazz Festival – Lviv, Ukraine
June 30 – JazzTM – Timisoara, Romania
July 1 – La Defense – Paris, France
July 4 – Vienne Jazz Festival – Vienne, France
July 5 – Warsaw Summer Jazz Days – Warsaw, Poland
July 6 – Istanbul Jazz Festival – Istanbul, Turkey
July 7 – Locus Festival – Locorotondo, Italy
July 8 – Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux, Switzerland
July 11 – Vicar Street – Dublin, Ireland
July 13 – North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotterdam, Netherlands
July 14 – Dour Festival – Dour, Belgium
July 15 – Citadel Festival – London, UK
July 16 – Shepherd’s Bush Empire – London, UK
July 17 – Nice Jazz Festival – Nice, France
July 18 – Mode Jazz Festival – Molde, Norway
July 20 – Pori Jazz Festival – Pori, Finland
July 22 – Black Sea Jazz Festival – Batumi, Georgia
July 24 – Jazz Festival at Barts – Barcelona, Spain
July 26 – Heineken Jazzaldia – San Sebastian, Spain
August 3 – Newport Jazz Festival – Newport, RI
August 29-30 – Billboard live – Osaka, Japan
September 1 – Tokyo Jazz Festival – Tokyo, Japan
January 26-February 2, 2019 – Blue Note at Sea

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