R+R=NOW Follows “Change Of Tone” With New Single “Colors In The Dark”

R+R=NOW Follows “Change Of Tone” With New Single “Colors In The Dark”

R+R=NOW Follows “Change Of Tone” With New Single “Colors In The Dark”

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The dream team band, R+R=NOW, returns with another lush single, “Colors In The Dark,” which is rooted in airy coos, lush bass, and a breezy piano solo.

We’re less than a month away from the full release of R+R=NOW’s debut project, Collagically Speaking, which drops June 15 via Blue Note Records. The inaugural single, “Change Of Tone,” was only an appetizer as Robert Glasper (keyboards, piano), Terrace Martin (synthesizer, vocoder), Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (trumpet), Derrick Hodge (bass), Taylor McFerrin (synth, beatbox) and Justin Tyson (drums) get otherworldly on their newest effort, “Colors In The Dark,” which you can hear below.

The band’s expert creativity is apparent in the song’s soulful expression with Martin’s signature vocoder flow elevating the track to an ethereal state. Hodge then comes right in with a warmer-than-it-is-outside-right-now bass performance, while Glasper and Tyson give an ebb-and-flow that turns into a full on flavorful explosion of sonics that will surely excite the aural senses. “Colors In The Dark” continues to showcase each members’ skill and layered black excellence in a majorly creative way. With the merging of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, these players prove why they’re the baddest (as in bad meaning great AF) in the game as a group or otherwise.

LISTEN: R+R=NOW Releases Their Debut Single “Change Of Tone” From ‘Collagically Speaking’ Debut Album

“Colors In The Dark” is an entry in the budding legend of this supergroup’s career. Tasked with great purpose, these songs represent a message, an attempt to share resiliency and hope in melodious form, as the headlines on-and-offline all carry some sort of horrific signifier. “R+R stands for ‘Reflect’ and ‘Respond’,” says Glasper in a press release. “When you reflect what’s going on in your time and respond to that, you can’t not be relevant. So ‘R’ plus ‘R’ equals ‘NOW’.” Themes such as systemic bigotry, the women’s movement, wild creativity, universal love, personal loss and growth are all explored on the album, making “Colors In The Dark” an insightful look at what ingredients go into maintaining the light of hope in one’s life.

Listen to “Colors In The Dark” below (or here), plus get ready for R+R=NOW to hit the road beginning June 15 at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia. To see the full list of tour dates, just scroll down a bit underneath the track to get the whole scoop.


June 15 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
June 16 – DC Jazz Fest – Washington DC
June 22 – BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
June 28 – Leopolis Jazz Festival – Lviv, Ukraine
June 30 – JazzTM – Timisoara, Romania
July 1 – La Defense – Paris, France
July 4 – Vienne Jazz Festival – Vienne, France
July 5 – ICE Krakow Congress Center – Krakow, Poland
July 6 – Istanbul Jazz Festival – Istanbul, Turkey
July 7 – Locus Festival – Locorotondo, Italy
July 8 – Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux, Switzerland
July 11 – Vicar Street – Dublin, Ireland
July 13 – North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotterdam, Netherlands
July 14 – Dour Festival – Dour, Belgium
July 15 – Citadel Festival – London, UK
July 16 – Shephed’s Bush Empire – London, UK
July 17 – Nice Jazz Festival – Nice, France
July 18 – Mode Jazz Festival – Molde, Norway
July 20 – Pori Jazz Festival – Pori, Finland
July 22 – Black Sea Jazz Festival – Batumi, Georgia
July 24 – Jazz Festival at Barts – Barcalona, Spain
July 26 – Heineken Jazzaldia – San Sebastian, Spain
August 3 – Newport Jazz Festival – Newport, RI
August 29-30 – Billboard live – Osaka, Japan
September 1 – Tokyo Jazz Festival – Tokyo, Japan
January 26-February 2, 2019 – Blue Note at Sea

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