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The Round-Up: Best Songs of The Week ft. D’Angelo, Wiki, Daniel Caesar and More

The Round-Up: Best Songs of The Week ft. D’Angelo, Wiki, Daniel Caesar and More

Questlove x D'Angelo Brothers In Arms, in Philadelphia July 3, 2013
Photo Credit: Nate Parson for Okayplayer

The week’s finest frequencies

Funny how a few slow weeks leaves you open for a sheer torrent. So it goes in 2017, and really, in life after Black Messiah

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This week alone, saw resurgent releases from Action Bronson, Lil Uzi Vert, ELWD and A$AP Mob, with BROCKHAMPTON and Buddy doubling down and liberating their second 2017 releases, respectively, while Wiki and Daniel Caeser‘s equally stunning introductions rounded out the week’s album rollouts. Loose singles arrived by way of The Wu-Tang ClanJon Bap, Star Slinger, Four Tet, King Krule and Corbin (formerly known as Spooky Black,) peppering a seven-day stretch with glitchy gems, haunting hooks, four-to-the-floor funk and yes, even a new D’Angelo remix from the Brown Sugar reissue, celebrating 22 years of the classic debut.

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Hear it all in a new installment of The Round-Up below. Hit the link to subscribe to our Spotify channel for even more curated digs into classic and contemporary catalogs.

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