Rhymefest Claims Kanye West Has Abandoned Donda’s House & Chicago Youth

Rhymefest Claims Kanye West Has Abandoned Donda’s House & Chicago Youth

Rhymefest Checks Kanye West For Uncredited Lyrics

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The rapper, Rhymefest, reached out to Drake on Twitter after claiming that Kanye West isn’t supporting the non-profit organization Donda’s House or Chicago youth.

It is no secret that Kanye West has always championed his hometown of Chicago and helped to keep its talents at the forefront of hip-hop and popular culture. Even now, as he has “turned to the dark side” with comments about loving Trump, and all that — West has continued to endear himself to kids from the city such as Chief Keef and Chance the Rapper.

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Not true, according to fellow Chicago rapper and politician Rhymefest (Ché Smith), who took to Twitter to call out West at the height of the Drake and Pusha T beef for his lack of financial support for the duo’s Donda’s House charity, which is named after West’s late mother.

Reaching out to Drake directly through Twitter, ‘Fest asked the OVO Sound head honcho to consider donating the $100K that he invoiced G.O.O.D. Music with and donate it to Donda’s House. Another explosive claim that Rhymefest shared, which hasn’t been substantiated, was that Kanye told him, “Fuck the youth of Chicago,” when he asked West for money to help convert his mother’s old home into a recording studio.

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For those not in the know, West and ‘Fest worked together in 2011 to start the charity in order to help foster artistic talent and opportunities for Chicago youth. Kanye helped with legal fees and securing donations initially, but now, Rhymefest claims that West has completely refused to donate any more money to the organization and is no longer listed on the board of directors.

A statement posted on their website asks for people to “not to discount the work they’re doing just because of Kanye’s controversial statements.” Again, Rhymefest has not provided any context or actual proof that Kanye said the things that he claims he did, and we will make an attempt to reach out to get a statement from him shortly. With Kanye recently saying that he wants to “improve conditions” in his hometown, the jury remains out as to who is telling the truth and who is not.

SOURCE: Complex

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