Watch Redman Spit Vintage Raps in the "Ya!" Video

Watch Redman Spit Vintage Raps in the "Ya!" Video

Redman Drops "Ya" Video

Source: Redman

Muddy Waters Too is really coming out, guys

Redman has released his second music video in the last two months. It’s the biggest indication that the long-awaited Muddy Waters Too album is (finally) going to be released.

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This time Redman dropped a video for the song “Ya!,” which he released a couple of weeks ago. On the track, Redman spits vintage raps over a dusty-sounding boom-bap beat courtesy of Mike & Keys from Futuristikz.

HEAR: Redman Releases “Ya!,” the Latest Track From ‘Muddy Waters Too’

If you like Redman you’ll like this track and video.

Watch Redman’s “Ya!” video below.

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