It’s Not Too Late To Cop These “Record Store Day” Vinyl Starring J. Dilla & Cam’ron

It’s Not Too Late To Cop These “Record Store Day” Vinyl Starring J. Dilla & Cam’ron

It’s Not Too Late To Cop These “Record Store Day” Vinyl Starring J. Dilla & Cam’ron

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Record Store Day might be behind us, but these records from J. Dilla and Cam’ron in our OKP Shop are so legendary that you shouldn’t miss out on copping.

Hip-hop in the early 2000s was an impactful time for the culture. Big, million dollar budgets might’ve tapered off a bit, but it didn’t stop the creativity from spreading across the globe. In New York, better known as the Mecca, a new crew called The Diplomats was running the city with their speed-up soul sampling sound, and charismatic hooks and lyrics. Led by Cam’ron, the Harlem native put the game on notice with his Roc-A-Fella Records debut, Purple Haze, which featured relative newcomer Kanye West behind the boards. Meanwhile, in the Midwest, Detroit’s own James “J. Dilla” Yancey continued his penchant for otherworldly beats and rhymes with his own 2003 effort, Ruff Draft.

OKP SHOP: Cop Your Copy Of J. Dilla’s ‘Ruff Draft: Dilla’s Mix’ Vinyl Now

If you were but only a youngling and missed how these two records impacted the culture for the better, don’t worry, OKP Shop has you covered as these projects are now available in our coffers for a Record Store Day 2018 offer. Both presented as a 2xLP set, with Purple Haze printed out on appropriate purple vinyl, and Ruff Draft featuring bonus tracks and unpublished photos — this Record Store Day opportunity is one for no true hip-hop head to miss out on. The latter is a “definitive reissue” from the Estate of James “J. Dilla” Yancey, thanks to its creative director, Egon, and is also appropriately titled Dilla’s Mix. Dave Cooley and Kelly Hibbert are also to thank for this, as they uncovered the original mixes for Ruff Draft, which were originally thought to be lost.

OKP SHOP: Enter Into A Mauveine Mood By Buying Cam’ron’s ‘Purple Haze’ Vinyl

With artifacts such as these becoming a must-have for any true-blue collector, don’t walk, don’t skip, don’t Chicken Noodle Soup—run as fast as you can (click the link)—and place these two items in your checkout bag so you can be the envy of all your friends who missed out on the Record Store Day 2018 awesomeness.

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