Record Store Day will be Spread Across Three Dates in 2020

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Record Store Day will be Spread Across Three Dates in 2020
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This year’s exclusives will be distributed in three separate “RSD Drops.”

Record Store Day is going to hit a little different in 2020.

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Typically a one-day affair (two if you count the Black Friday edition,) the annual vinyl-hunting event, known for its limited-run exclusives and boosting the wax economy at-large, is changing its format to comply with global pandemic protocols. This year’s releases will be distributed in three separate “RSD Drops” on three separate days; August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th.

According to a press release, each day will feature a different batch of exclusives. And in an Instagram post, organizers announced an updated list of this year’s releases will arrive on June 1st, presumably specifying which albums will arrive on which date(s.) At the moment, there’s no word on whether in-store exclusives will be made available online in the event of further delays.

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Head over to the Record Store Day site to comb through this year’s titles and check back for the amended list in the week’s ahead.



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