RCA Hasn't Dropped R. Kelly Yet...But They Are Putting A Hold on Releasing New Music

RCA Hasn't Dropped R. Kelly Yet...But They Are Putting A Hold on Releasing New Music


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Don’t expect to hear any new R. Kelly music for a while.

On January 1st 2019, R. Kelly started the new year by releasing a song called “Born to My Music.” It will probably be the last new R. Kelly song released in a while.

Two days later Lifetime aired the first two episodes of its jarring six part docu-series Surviving R. Kelly. In stunning detail, the documentary tells the story of Kelly’s long history as an alleged predator.

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R. Kelly is still signed to RCA. (There is a petition being passed around trying to get R. Kelly dropped from the label.) According to TMZ, RCA is putting a financial freeze on all new music. Meaning: the label will not put any money behind Kelly’s new music or music video.

According to TMZ, R. Kelly is frustrated because he has been making new music and he can’t get budgets for music videos. (he currently owes RCA two albums.)

TMZ also says it might be difficult for RCA to drop Kelly (due to contract details) and, because both parties are unhappy, there might just be an amicable split.

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Also, according to TMZ, R. Kelly has had trouble getting guest appearances. In fact, since Surviving R. Kelly was released, many artists — From Lady Gaga to Chance The Rapper — have apologized for working with the singer.

Source: TMZ

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